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 Post subject: Re: South Africa's White Genocide
PostPosted: Sat Oct 01, 2016 12:11 pm 
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Jaymah wrote:
mfreak wrote:
Like I said for what you guys did to them, they are retaliating now. Nevertheless I can understand how you feel as a law abiding citizen. But the sad fact is, there will always be crime. Its an integral part of our societies. Also, I am pretty sure its just not the black that are shooting white kids and the black people that are killing white people. I am pretty sure it happens both ways.

Look, there will always be hate groups. It can only get better in the future, with probably a new government. Why dont you guys elect a new government in place, that you think will solve your problems? Also the figures of the murders seem to be a bit exagerrated at 900 per day. And what organization is this that places this figure as the death toll?

While I realise its a tad late, that is just a completely ridiculous statement.
By that logic, the Boers should invade Britain, Israel should attack Germany, and we should never forget atrocities committed against ethnic groups.
You can say the white people started it through apartheid, but through that you are only justifying your point by looking as far back in history as will support your point.
Boers were massacred by black tribes, while they tried to trek to get away from the British. So therefore surely when they created apartheid they must have only been trying to get back for their family that had been murdered generations ago.

Tad late again, but happened to see this. I wasnt justifying retaliation against any ethnic group. I was simply stating as a matter of fact, that these guys were probably attacking white folks as retaliation for apartheid.

Anyway I happened to look up these groups the OP mentioned a few years ago, and remember reading that these groups were white nationalist/neo-nazi groups. And the OP seems to be a kid from SA who is influenced by their propaganda.

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 Post subject: Re: South Africa's White Genocide
PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2016 6:05 am 

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I find it quite funny that people think the situation in south africa is that bad.
I Live in south africa and can tell you that it is a peaceful country mostly now a days.

The last outbursts of racism that came out were following racist remarks or actions by 1 party for example Penny Sparrow calling all black people baboons in the beginning of the year.

ATM there is violence going on as the university students are protesting and demanding free education ( while cuasing damages to univeristies that will invariably increase fees to cover damages) BUT the people protesting are not only blacks. It is a mix of races so can not be called a black protest.

ofc we have a few racist politions but which country doesnt?
the only difference is that we might have a few more

so over all I would say as a citizen and a person liviing in south africa that there is no rampant killing of either blacks or whites by either party thou in a FEW communities there are still some undertones of racism but this will hopefully pas as well in a few years

The only references we have to aprtheid now a days is in schools and by idiot politicions who blame apartheid for all the problems that they cuase through corruption .......thou they r not really beleived by the masses anymore


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