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 Post subject: Terms used in Role-Playing
PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2011 11:13 pm 
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Common terms used in Role-Playing

These are common terms you should know when Role-Playing

IC - This is the abbreviation for In Character. In Character refers to when you type about your character. This can consist of actions, speech, and environment.

OOC - This is the abbreviation for Out Of Character. OOC text is usually telling others in the RP specific things that should be noted. These are usually much smaller than the actual IC posts, and are not related to your character.

RP - This is short for Role-Play.

GM - Otherwise known as Game Master, other similar terms are RP Host, or simply Host. a GM is the creator of the RP, and usually has made the topic themselves. They are in charge of the RP, and it is their responsibility to keep everything in order.

NPC - NPC stands for Non-Player Character, like in other games. NPCs are usually added in to give a sense that it's not only you who resides in the RP. It helps show that the RP is a true world, with an alive environment.

God-Modding - God Modding is the term referring to someone who ignores the rules of how much your character can achieve. Simply put, a person who is god-modding is acting as if their character is invincible. An exempt would be they avoid all damage easily and make quick kills. God-Modding is very much frowned upon, especially in PvP RPs.

Meta-Gaming - Meta-Gaming is the act of using information your character could not possibly know to their advantage, usually by OOC posts or Character Sheets. Usually, characters must go through and discover information from within the RP's environment, but when someone Meta-Games, they take information from external sources and have their character know it, when they should have found it. Meta-Gaming is also frowned upon, significantly in adventurous RPs.

PvP - This stands for Player vs Player. PvP RPs are usually tournament-based RPs, where players must fight each other, using the skills of their descriptively. Both players' characters are bound to take at least some damage. Usually in PvP RPs, players just want to have a description war, rather than actually have their character win. The judge of these fights, in fact, usually only grade descriptively, not on who actually won.

Character Sheet - Also known as Character Skeleton, or Character Form, these are made by the GMs to give you guidelines on how you should design your character to fit the RP. The post basic elements of a Char Sheet are the Name, Age, Gender, Appearance, Personality, and History/Bio. GMs can also add other elements depending on the RP, such as Race, Occupation, Tittle, Clan, etc...

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