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 Post subject: New Client Guide Article - Outposts
PostPosted: Fri Jun 19, 2009 7:35 am 
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Sorry for the delay in the next article guys, I'll be judging the articles I have already and posting them probably later today.

Ok for the outposts article I need everything to do with outposts! This article must include at least the following items:

-How to place an outpost and what their general purpose is
-List of all outpost types and prices
-Quick summary of what each outpost's specific purpose is and include which structures is needed to build it.
-Basic explanation and workings of camps

Recommended things to include:

-Pictures of each type of outpost
-Tips of how to use each outpost type effectively, such as placement and amount of outposts
-Tips of how to effectively assault groups of enemy outposts

Outposts is an important topic, I will leave this one open till Tuesday next week or until I receive 5 guide articles on this topic, whichever happens first.

Happy writing!



 Post subject: Re: New Client Guide Article - Outposts
PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2009 4:10 pm 

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Knight of Zero smashed the competition with an outstanding article...


Alright, he was the only entry. But it was a great one!

Thanks alot, Knight!


Outposts are a strategic and important part of Battle Dawn. Without them one wouldn’t be able to get powerful or do much of anything. In this article I will give you a tour of how to make outposts, how to upgrade them, and what kind there are and for how much they cost.

Building an outpost:

In the upper left hand part of the screen there will be a small button that look like this…

Once you click on the button a small screen will pop up on the left side of the screen…

When this screen pops up your mouse now becomes a build outpost cursor. There are two different cursors: red and green.

The green circle means that you can build an outpost there. While the red signifies that you are too close to another op/colony or you are in water.

Outpost Management:

Now when you first build an op there is a thing called control ticks. In order to upgrade your outpost into a better placement you must control that outpost for 24 ticks (12 hours). Once you have control ticks you can begin to choose what you will do with the outpost. Click on it and small bubbles will appear around it with options…

Razing an op:

When you have full control ticks you can choose to raise an outpost. Razing an outpost will give you 300 metal and oil. It takes 6 ticks to fully raze an outpost.

If you have squads still on (or returning/leaving) the outpost then it will turn into a camp once it is razed. You cannot attack from a camp only move from one.

Outpost types:

There are five upgrades you can perform on an outpost, these are: Settlement, Teleport Gate, Nuke Silo, Radar Post, and Training base. To show you what they look like and how much it is to build them, scroll down

ImageOp Uses:

Settlement- use settlements to relocate your colony. For every settlement your colony’s pop cap raises 100 workers at a maximum of 1000 workers.

Radar Op- gives basic radar coverage to see moving squads and surrounding outposts.

Teleport Gate- allows instant travel from gate/colony to gate/colony. If one of the gates/colony is jammed you cannot teleport to or from there.

Missile Silo- allows you to build a missile. Missiles destroy 10% of the units on the target colony/outpost

Training Base- enables you to recruit soldiers at distances away from your colony. *note* players may have only one Training Base at a time.

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 Post subject: Re: New Client Guide Article - Outposts
PostPosted: Fri Jun 26, 2009 4:40 am 

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silos also put every unit down to 1 hp


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