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 Post subject: Era 67 - Lets draw up the balance...
PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, 2015 4:46 pm 
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Private 1st class

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Well, the era is almost over. It was my second since last month. Before that, I haven't played this game for about 2,5 years. Lots of new faces. Only recognized two or three players from the time I played Galaxy severs actively.
So, lets draw up the balance... Who impressed me from my alliance and from GG, and who uhm... didn't:

Starting with myself: No, I definitely wasn't impressive. I wasn't active at all because of my work. Only in weekends, and on weekdays in the evenings. Made at least two noob mistakes and lost my army because of it.

1 aka Sandip: His activity impressed me very much. Even in my heydays I was rarely as active as he was this era. His gameplay however didn't impress me at all (sorry bro). As a player he made quite some stupid mistakes, and underestimated guys from GG. As a leader he was able to keep the group together (ok, I left the ally frustrated, but joined again on his request). But as a leader he wasn't transparent at all. Didn't discuss decisions, even when I asked for the background of a decision. He expected us to do things without discussing the background. That's not how you lead an ally imo. I know leading an ally is also a matter of trust, but when you work intensively over a period of more than a month with ppl, you should know who you can trust and who you can't. The way he behaved on BC is not my style. Will I ever play with him again? He is a nice guy, but probably not. His thinks its best to keep the team in the dark about strategy. Just do what we ask, no matter what, without explaining the background. Never experienced this before. Also not my style to lead an ally.

Lazy Senpai: Didn't impress me at all. Choose his name wisely. Indeed, he was lazy as hell. He wasn't active, probably for the same real life reasons as me.

Leviathan Dragon X: He wasn't a noob as he was considered to be by some in our ally, so he surely was underestimated. From time to time he was very active, and for this reason impressive. Active ppl impress me. Inactive ppl not..

Apollo: Didn't impress me. Was one of the guys in the enemy camp. However, he joined most of their attacks (if I remember well), which I like about players. In my opinion a fine teamplayer

Bucuresti: I didn't know him at all, but he impressed me most. Very smart guy. Loads of experience. I think one of the best in this game.

Bucu's Slave: Didn't impress me. His behaviour on BC is not my style. About the same as Sandip. It looks like this generation of leaders think there also should be a BC battle, which I detest.

eMo Girl xD: The cheerleader of GG. Didn't impress me at all. I really wondered why on earth experienced players invite her to join their ally. Maybe she is charming on ac and Skype. It must be something like that. I detested her behavior on BC. Mocking the enemy on BC when they have been killed, while she hardly joined the party. Most of the times she retreated when the (Want to be allies? Sometimes I like to pretend I am a princess riding a pony..) hit the fan..

cArLoS: Noob 1st class, and a traitor. My advise: if you play an era seriously, NEVER invite him, because he will tell all your secrets to his friends in other allies (like mine!).

NFOE: Like Apollo. Didn't impress me as an individual player, but I appreciated his teamspirit (he joined some mass attacks). He appeared not to be very active though.

WAR: Not impressive at all. If you lose your whole army in a hostile environent it means you didn't pay attention, which is a sin in a WAR.

VIP: A veteran obviously like Bucuresti, Apollo, NFOE and Almo. Good teamplayer, but showed about the same activity as NFOE and Apollo.

Almo: His activity impressed me again. Very good player. Joined most of GG's mass attacks. An asset to every team...

mr loney boy Dx: Not impressive at all. I think the least active player in GG. Was kinda invisible.

Cyb Back Home: Good teamplayer. Very active. Love to play with him again.

69: Didn't impress me. Especially when he didn't show up for about 180 ticks. For this reason his army was killed on my op (after my relocation).

The Boss: If you ask me in two weeks who played in GG this era, I most likely forget to mention him.. So, not impressive at all. Hardly saw him joining attacks.

22: Good teamplayer. Very active. Love to play with him again, but I hope he will stick to one unit type instead of 2.

7: Treated like a legend in the ally. He obviously knows how to play this game better than a lot of guys on this server, but I didn't understand his decision to move his squads with a long eta to safer grounds in a hostile area. As a result, he lost his army. But he surely breath experience, and definitely is a pillar of an ally.

Number: Good team player. Very active. He should have the decency to talk English on ac, and must realize that not all players in the ally live in his country and speak his language. He also is easily upset. Will I ever play with him again? Definitely not. We're too different.

2: If it is easy to mix up an evaluation of player 2 with 22 or another number, then you should think about choosing a name more easily to recognize next time. Didn't get the whole number idea from the beginning. You will surely be forgotten by the majority after 2 or 3 era's. However, if you want to be remembered, you should do more to distinguish yourself from the rest. That's what 2 didn't do imo.. He is a team player, but that's because he didn't impress me in a negative way.

Karl: The least experienced player in our ally imo. Saved his ass. Took me a major part of a night to keep GG busy, so he wouldn't get killed. A noob thing to do to leave your army alone in a hostile area.

Q: Like 2. Unfortunately didn't impress me, but most guys in my ally probably have the same opinion about me.

Tim tim: Obviously a very experienced player with a strong opinion how to play this game. Seems to have a problem talking English on AC sometimes. Not very decent for guys not talking his language. Especially in war situations where the tension is high. Do I like to play with him again in future era's. Uhm.... probably not. The least thing you should do in your ally is showing respect to all your ally members, not some of them...

Well, that's my opinion - for what its worth - about some players in era 67 of G1. Most ppl who didn't impress me most likely won't agree with me about my opinion about them. For those guys (and girl): it is just my opinion... The way I experienced you. Others may have experienced you in a different way, and might have been quite happy about your contribution.

Finally... Unfortunately I wasn't able to play as active as I used to play a couple of years ago... But this era was great. A war almost lasting the entire era, against an enemy also coping with inactive players.. But they were disciplined and were smarter than we were in a number of cases. I still believe that the ally with more active players than any other ally will have a better chance to win an era. For the remaining hours of this era... HAVE FUN :)


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