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PostPosted: Sat Jun 14, 2014 2:18 pm 
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Welcome to MM's Newbie tips where I give you some valuable pointers on how to be successful in BD!

Playing BD well takes having a lot of things. Playing as an alliance leader takes even more...reading messages,making plans,and one of the worst things..dealing with members..ugh. Inviting players to your alliance is how you get players in the alliance. Do this by clicking on a player and clicking envelope button that has a !. Takes 1 energy to do so. A player can accept or decline invite.(Quick tip: to make sure u know a player has seen your invite, do not just invite randomly, leave player a message first then give invite. U can check if a player has read a message you sent in your outbox)

Tip: Here are some tips on getting players in your alliance. Do not invite random players.You won't know if they will be active,work hard,or even know how to play. Do not invite a player just for there rank. They may be top 20 rank player building infantry while your ally is building Heavies/Mechs. That player wont be able to help much in group attacks since mixing units types in battle usually results in heavy losses. Plan alliance ahead of era. This tip is just recommended but highly. Going into era and starting alliance has worked many times but planning alliance gives you idea of players in ally,allows you to have an area on map in beginning of era,build chemistry with each other(very important) and have no problems filling alliance. Try to invite players close to you. This causes more control of an area and less problems like relocation,not able to build units, and no or little help defending that player(s). Message or chat with player before inviting. This could let you know what type of activity,experience,or even if the player is interested. Be friendly with players you want to invite. Telling a player to join or die doesn't make most players want to join you xD. Make it known you want him to join and will give him best chance at the moment. Lastly Try not to invite players who have been from alliance to alliance. These players are always looking for way out when odds are stacked against their alliances. They then leave and join other allies since they may have good rank. These players won't have much loyalty but may turn around if situation is right. Situation 1 of a top player leaving alliance after his alliance has lost war to rank 1 ally is not good situation. That top ally will want to conquer that member. Situation 2 of a player leaving an inactive allies and is top player maybe good situation since they will try to actually stay with ally with activity.


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