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 Post subject: Re: Why do we have the worst forum community of any game on the
PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2012 8:16 am 
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You see, the problem is that when people think "community", alot of time, they think ONLY of the forum. Thats simply not the case. As of the time of typing this message, there are roughly 400 players online and it is in the wee-morning hours for me.

Yes, the forum community is a tad small. But you know, thats not for lack of trying. There have been several occasions where I would put mass messages through to every active player in the game. In most cases, the players simply do not have any interest in a forum. In the few cases that players do show interest in the forum, they are usually prone to eventually leave because there is alot of indifference.

You see, the fact of the matter is, we as staff can try our best to attract new players to the forum all day long, but it is essentially YOU the forum frequents, who are charged with retaining them. If we bring 4 players in, and they see indifference, poor disposition, inappropriate conversations that make them uncomfortable or *gasp* threads talking about "the worst forum community", do you REALLY expect them to hang around? Common sense would say no.

So, you see, the growth of this forum aspect of the community is just, if not moreso, dependant on you guys as it is on us. If you want growth, then help it grow. Sew the seeds by playing the game, and meeting other players whom you then can coax into coming and participating. When someone manages to coax newcomers to this forum, try to give a crap how you interact with them. Make it fun for them, not just for yourself.

Don't post threads whining about a "bad" community. Do something about it! Post threads about what you love about the community instead. I cannot tell you how many times these threads have thwarted my efforts. How many times I would go on a spree in-game of recommending players come to our forum to meet other players, only to have them come back at me in-game and tell me that they were disappointed when they got here, and point out some thread where players are either pointing out how bad our community is, or posting something that was just flat out inappropriate, and they did not want to be a part of it!

You cannot point your finger in one direction, at any one person and claim that THEY are the issue. That THEY have caused the ultimate failure of this community. As I have already stated, the forum IS NOT THE ENTIRE BATTLEDAWN COMMUNITY. It is only a place where people from within the community can launch ongoing discussions. If the people whom frequent this forum the most are disappointed in the re-occurring turnout to this forum, then each of you share in that too. Each of you has just as much potential to attract a new player and retain them as the other, as well as an equal potential to run new prospects off.

the title of this thread is "Why do we have the worst forum community of any game on the", right? Well, lets see about it.

Ask yourself these questions, and then posts the answer here.

1.) when was the last time you went into the game to talk to players?
Did you tell them about the forum?
Did you guide them once they were here, to the right places and
topics, people, etc.?

2.) how many times have you jumped into a thread such as this, and actually said anything good, aside from spamming it or adding irrelevant banter? Do you really think threads titled like this are going to attract new players? If you were thinking about participating in a community, are you going to look at threads that call it the "worst community" and think to yourself "hmm...this looks fun" :roll: if you are a troll that what you want to attact?

3.) Do you recognize that it takes everyone to build a good community, not just a few staff members? Like I said, we can spam players with links to the forum all day, but we cannot force them to like all of you enough to want to stay. If your answer is "I do not care", then maybe the answer to this thread is staring at you in the mirror.

My final thought:

We have a GREAT community. I spend many hours on Skype going around and making sure that players and community members are happy, and their needs are tended to the best I can. My contacts list on skype is over 1000 people at this point, and they keep me busy day in & day out, and I am adding new people all the time.

I do frequently try to coax players into the forum, but they rarely come here and stay. Is this because we are lacking features? Maybe. Is it because our forum is worst than other games? Not really. I look at other game forums, and they are not really great. Heck, we actually have active admins. More than 98% of our competition can boast! That sure isnt the problem. So...whats left?

It is up to each and every one of us to grow this community, if you actually want to grow it. I believe the potential has always been here for a solid forum community. I believe you are all bright enough and passionate enough to make this end of the community attractive and bustling as any other.

You just gotta realize that you have alot of control over it too, and that we all have a claim to stake in the results good or bad.

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 Post subject: Re: Why do we have the worst forum community of any game on the
PostPosted: Mon Dec 03, 2012 8:24 pm 
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I read this a few days ago with the intent of replying to it next time I came online. Got caught up with other stuff. Kind of expected to come back to a at least a few replies.

I guess it's not worth it now.


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