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 Post subject: Re: WaC vs DEF
PostPosted: Sat Sep 28, 2013 5:13 pm 
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aazaadx wrote:
CptAmerica wrote:
aazaadx wrote:
After very little deliberation and almost no research the verdict is out. DEF are imposters! They very honorably claim to hold certain principles which they do not possess. Will a REAL alliance, please stand up!

What principles would that be gary? I've been offline for 24 ticks but as far as I know, we havent brought in any help.

Catching up on everything right now though.

*Edit, looks like some Euro guys gave you issues for a bit but its been sorted out.

No need to get up in arms over a temporary issue, the BC is full of people saying to stay out of it.

Yeah, I was talking about fighting headup without th[*]e use of subs. There were other alliances attacking us as we entered into Africa. Actually Gaz even spy attacked a few us, just a couple days ago. I wonder why they would do such a thing. ;) This is all a moot point now though. My previous post was submitted before DEF's disappointing collapse and was more propaganda than validity.

Personally, I believe that this is an admirable quality in any alliance that claims they are the best. Since you cannot be the best if you are only able to win with the use of subs. There are many advantages to be gained by circumventing the ten player rule and having another aliance/alliances used as meat shield who have nothing to lose, since their only agenda is to help another alliance win.

I guess my question now is, was upholding this principle and losing more important, then breaking it and possibly surviving or did you guys feel that your performance was lacking and was the overall determining factor in deciding not to break the rule you guys implemented?

BTW subs sux Andrei

i think the one you are referring is the sub of GAZ.As far as i can remember they were TIP before and you guys killed that alliance.The leader of TIP then started a sub of GAZ with basically most members from the previous team.We never said to a single alliance to fight against your alliance.It was your enmity with them that they spied you.They were sending squads to Brazil as well but we told them to turn coz we didn't wanted anyone to interfere in our war with WaC.We never needed to do such things(stopping an alliance from fighting against you) but we did.You should clear things with other alliance having enmity with your alliance.That was non of our business .Even though ICE or your other subs were to attack us anytime .We were never bringing any help to fight against WaC,whether we were losing or not.
To tell you the truth that you know yourself as well,WaC was in no ways good.We came back to Africa because few couldn't be active anymore for sometime.Some lost their internet ,some had their school started ,....Then we just decided to suicide our army due to inactivity.We could have just asked our allies to come front at that point but we never did coz we never wanted to bring in any help and win that way.


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