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 Post subject: Wolven Coalition ~WC~ Grand Elder finally speaks
PostPosted: Fri Apr 09, 2010 4:12 pm 
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To all and any that comes to this and reads this post. Do get ready for it is one of length, depth and one I hope thats leads and guides others into prosperity and a rewarding career in Bd.

Formally known as Shodawk 'Grand Elder' of the Wolven coalition.

I have been around a long time like many and have been in and out of Bd the last few years enjoying the experiences of this game like any other strategy game save a few key elements that seperate this game experience from other 'games'.

I am compelled to write this post for many reasons to which my heart has been set a long time but have been compiling the words, wisedom and facts to write it.

As a small introduction as I had in the past I will rewrite many of the documentation, script and guides i had put up in the old BD presenting MY STYLE of game play to which the basic elements this 'game experience' exemplifies.

Teamwork, leadership, communal coexistance between players, respect, honor and glory.

Players young and old with varying skill levels as people do play this game. It is the triumph of leaders and team the peak people into the highest forms of game play in BD and to which compells each of us to do what we do in the BD universe.

Mine is not to seek personal glory, nor to show how superior I am to other leaders or players. Mine is to teach, mentor and show a way of being in this game where strong ethical play is the corner stone of my teachings to other players who eventually WILL interact with me on the game map.

Every time I play BD i set out to do one thing. Build a community of players and form a eternal brotherhood of players who can work together in harmony, though they being different from one another, could in fact coexist without war, greed and petty issues.

The game is ment to be played as a game sure. But this 'game' is so much more then that. It is a community of players who have banded together for the purpose which each seek differently.

Those young seek to 'win', those old often only seek just to 'play' while there is many that only seek to enforce their dominance over others because they can simply do so.
All seek simply to survive overall and try to do so well and prosper.

Mine... is to teach.

I am 34yo, former US army 8 years, married. like some my age or younger or older, we all have our lives to lead to which is often to the point BD is not THAT important in how we play this game. More over so it is what we do with our time while we are HERE.

I create nations, build communities and train leaders, teams and mentor people so they can lead successful lives here in BD, if not that at least find understanding what is going on for their own benefit. There is no limit to my patience when it comes to teaching.

Warlords, Kings, Tyrants and world powers all are driven by the same principles. To be successful and to do well if not excell in areas of military dominance, political influence, industrial might, and covert control of their world experience.

The point of this post is to impress upon the mindset of how and why this game is played and not just play it for the sheer desire to 'dominate ones world'

It will not change everyones mindset, but to those few who seek a more rewarding experience in BD, to find friends and form pacts of brotherhood who have similiar aims and wishes as you and your team.

I have chosen my place in life as a mentor and teacher. To my credit i have earned my place in the past HOF's in and out of time and am most known for my time in old server mars era 7 to where i changed the scope of how this game was played at least for a few hundred who did follow me that period and afterwards, a few thousand into the eras and worlds beyond it.


Just a link showing part of what I've done so you all don't think I don't know this game.

This era was my most prominent where i formed BoW and created my first BD nation and coalition. From that point on it is all I do. I helped TBH end that era by T1000 and worked with Joker to create the NWO which was 'birthed' and grown inside the NEC 'north east coaltion' which i created during era 7 to which i protected 20+ alliances with the 5 alliances that was BoW. To that point and onward set my path and role in BD forever after that.

I have a complete documented history, photos and a lot of naration showing how I did it from T366 to the ponit where the world ended and did it without support, and started alone with just myself and my dreams to which i created a lasting legacy to which did last after i had to leave BD to real life once more.

To this point I wish to emphasis that this game can be played in a way to where people can band together, work towards a common goal and cause and coesist up even to round victory on a mass coalition level all feel apart of.

Currently I am doing this same thing but at a greater level then before. I am on fantasy 7 and created the Wolven coaliton which numbers 12 united alliances to where we do coexist as a people and later a nation.

These people who play as leaders and players who reside in this 'family' are all united in understanding they will be protected, have mutual cross over defense and similiar aims of survival and prosperity as a nation of people with different aims and ideals.

I take great pride in what I do but not to the point it gets to my head where ego replaces confidence and capabilities.

I do what I am doing for THEM and seek nothing more then to see them all lead successful careers in battledawn no matter what they do, so as long they do not step on their fellows trying to achieve their aims or goals.

My personal military, political, economical and industrial expereinces in and out of game help shapes these things for others to learn and cope with hardships and issues that WILL happen in BD. I teach how to overcome shortcomings and to make what is strong in all of us the strength of those around you, and share ones abilities with others regardless of who they are and what they have in mind to do as a team.

to leaders in BD i tell these things. Lead by example, show others your merits and qualities by action, strong words, and back them up with conviction, wisedom and strength of heart. Know what you want to do, communicate with your team in ways you can to push them to greater heights then they think possible.

A leaders job is to be that of a role model for his team, to lead by example, if you bad mouth. your team will bad mouth, if you dont' care, your team wont care and so on with anything else that could come of that philosophy.

Leaders NEED the respect of their followers and team in order to be successful as a leader. You can't do anything in this game alone, and a leader isn't one if no one follows him and lets face it. few if any will follow a foolish, greedy, selfish leader for long if at all.

To those of you who do follow a leader in life, no matter what 'level' of leadership those folks have, your mothers adn fathers, older brothers, bosses, supervisors and names much more need to look deep into those people and see qualities you wish to be your own and use them to strengthen YOUR own character so you in time will be looked upon with respect and adoration if not take up the mantle of leadership yourself one day to enjoy such a calling and role in LIFE.

To many lengths and avenues this topic can go but in my attempts to keep it shorter as not to bore i will summerise the few things here.

Look up onto leaders as they guide and teach you to do nothing wrong.
Look onto those that follow you so to stir them into doing things right.
respect others for their differences as their strengths can strengthen your own weaknesses.
and honor those that have gone before you to show what is possible and what isn't.
Enjoy life, love what you do, do it well, and question everything you don't understand.

How can you know where to go, if you don't know where you been.

I will make myself free and open for anyone who wishes to talk about things.
I am a world well of knowledge. just tap me, am sure I will fill you with understanding once you drink.

Shodawk Wimbishi
Grand Elder 'Brotherhood of Wolves' Noblewolf Clan
Wolven coalition


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