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 Post subject: Come lets debate :D
PostPosted: Thu Jan 02, 2014 8:13 am 
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The most debatable questions in Battle Dawn...
-Most effective chassis type army?
We all know infantry is the cheapest and has the lowest attacks, and hit points but in numbers they can actually be pretty deadly, yes? But its armored units face massive losses in battles compared to vehicles and tanks due to their low hit points meaning you will probably be using a lot of metal to produce more armored infantry after battles. Vehicles are average attack and hit points making them quite ideal for battles and they also are average in terms of how much resources they cost. Tanks of course are the best in terms of attacks and hit points and they are also very expensive but perhaps they are worth the resources?
But 30 infantry units is equivalent to 15 vehicles which is equivalent to 10 tanks so maybe there is no effective armies as they both have equal attacks and hit points and cost the same amount of resources when maximised...
Mixed chassis types usually don't work out but I haven't quite tried it yet

-Mass produce Range or Damage units?
I have heard a lot of people ask... Why use range when damage can be more effective? Well I messed around a little during havoc and from the results I saw that damage infantry ratio 10:20 where 10 is armor and 20 is damage, had less casualties compared to range as they dealt more damage and took out more units. Of course the first round was losses for me so if damage are to be used they will have to be heavily supported by armored units so the ratio 10:20 may not be ideal for damages. 15:15 may be the ratio.
I still prefer range units as they attack first and range in numbers causes a lot of damage. So in my armies I usually have about 150-200 range of each weapons followed by 50-100 damage of each weapons and then finally about 200 armored units, perfect army... in the long run anyway

-Why concussive armor is the best
I have also heard, mainly noobs, and I wondered too when I first got here, why concussive armor was mostly used in all armies? Yes they are attacked last but they are still attacked anyway so why do we always use concussives? Does it reduce loses compared to when you have explosives and beam armors? I have no idea though but I still use only concussive.

-Most important, Conquering colonies or mines?
Whenever I start an era, I am spoilt for choice really, conquer colonies or mines? Conquers provide little resources but what they do provide is an increase growth in population so the more conquers you have the more workers will join you every 24 ticks and I am sure everyone agrees that the most important feature in battle dawn are the workers... But mines provide you with points, and increase production so you can have more resources flowing in every tick. Plus I think that the more mines you have the more likely you are to attract a good alliance to accept you in of you already are not in an alliance. I have joined many top 5 alliances because of my vast number of mines around me.
Some may say why not conquer and capture mines at the same time? It may be difficult to do this if you are not a booster user as you have conquers, mines and also need units to protect your own colony.
I personally MAINLY do both conquer colonies and mines as I like using boosters

So what are your opinions :)

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 Post subject: Re: Come lets debate :D
PostPosted: Thu Jan 02, 2014 11:54 am 
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Ok answers to your questions
1. Most people chose Vehicles/Cav since they are the medium, medium cost, health, damage, and range but heavy is also very popular too
2. Range because if your army has more range than anything else and the other guy has more damage than anything else then the other guy's army would get killed so damage would be useful for causing more damage and for acting as a armor but range is better
3. Because if you were to have an equal number of every armor unit in your chasis then concussive is targeted last so ur explosives would die first then the beam then the concussive.
4. Both conquers are good to improve growth and get taxes and stuff while mines give you more production and i think they give a small amount of power every tick

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 Post subject: Re: Come lets debate :D
PostPosted: Thu Jan 02, 2014 4:21 pm 
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1. There is no "best chassis" only the chassis that best suits your playstyle.
2. Damage should only be used for spams, it can be effective in equal battles lasting 3 rounds or more but those are not the kinds of battles you should be fighting.
3. Concussive armor is not better than any other type of armor, the reason it "reduced losses" was long ago when people built all 3 types of armor to match the type of squad they were building. So if you fought in a battle with them their beam and explosive would die before your concussive.
4. Mines are more important than conquers in the beginning since they boost the production, worker growth, and power of every member of your alliance rather than just you.



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