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 Post subject: XP Changes
PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2011 7:08 am 

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Michael wrote:

We'll update battle dawn today with a few fixes:

1. revised XP system
modified XP forumla to allow XP to be gained faster
You now get 5% of the opposing losing army XP.
No more rounding down of total XP per unit. each worker you kill on the opposing side (tank = 3 workers, vehicle = 2 workers) gives your troops 10XP to be spread among the troops. killing a tank gives you 30XP for example.

new XP upgrade tables.
12 levels, on the best level the unit gains now +1 Range.
soldiers get a new level every 30XP
vehicles every 50XP
tanks every 70XP

to get a tank with +1 Range it has to reach 840XP.

I have a couple of questions regarding this update
1. Range shots: say I have 1 extra range on my range unit, I have no damage, but my opponent does, but he got no extra range on his range units.
First Shot will be taken by my extra range units while he cant fire anything?
If so, will the second round both range and damage will get shot?

2. If Damage has more Levels than range such that they got 1 extra range and my range has no XP advantage, will the Damage get first shot with my range units?
Also if everything till here i got is right, and XP'd unit gets targetted last, will my damage be targeted after range in the above mentioned case?



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 Post subject: Re: XP Changes
PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2011 9:57 am 
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dont add range but add life and damage is more chance than your idea
your XP system is very good


 Post subject: Re: XP Changes
PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2011 11:36 pm 
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I can answer the last two.

2 If they gain an extra range stat then they will attack the same turn as a regular range unit. Just like if a range unit gets enough Damage stat they will have the same attack power as a damage unit but still have the extra turn.

2.5 Unless they made an actual change to the battle system and not just the XP.
Then experience is the last determining factor. Meaning if the Chassis, and Weapons are the same. Damage will always get targeted first.
Exp will only decide which order your range units begin to die when there's nothing else left.

Essentially, it's an attempt to make damage units useful again. While also making it more important to keep your guys alive as XP and the bonuses it gives now can much more easily be a difference maker. More power to Skill players over "Boosters" who just replace their units after a poor attack, and weakens the usefulness of subs a bit, since your army grows stronger (faster now) by actually using it, not having someone else fight your battles.

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