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 Post subject: IamNOWworkingAnewGAMEcalledSUPERMECHS2
PostPosted: Sat Mar 23, 2013 11:47 am 
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3d game world with sixtagons. Every sixtagon have 3 sixtagon under and upper it, so a sixtagon contacts with 12 sixtagons.
Game is same as supermechs just it is 3d and teammatch or grouprape type game. So in a arena more than 2 mechs and they are moving, shooting each other. Also game is turnbased.
You never lose exp or money even you leave or DC.
High level items are consumes too much heat and energy, so you must use low level weapons.
When you level up you gain some generator points. With this points you buy heat, energy generator(regnerate) items or heat, energy capacity adders.
Some energy weapons consumes powercells(so not sure about name); like bullets(physic) and rockets(burn).
Some weapons dmg overtime(i stoled idea but this is common thing like poison).
Some weapons pull enemy 1 sixtagon or maybe more like pushing weapons.
New skills added like energywave(pushes enemy)...
Mechs will have skill slot also will have same type module limit and same type skill limit, same weapon limit.
Some weapons will have cooldown(so you must wait for use it again).
Some weapons will not require heat or energy for using.
Weak weapons consumes very love energy or heat but strong weapons will consume too much energy and heat so player may use low level weapons.
Heat generating items will consume energy or generate more heat for you.
Damage will have a heat, energy, bullet, rocket value.
Game will be more random so weapons will not consume same heat always.
Everybody will fight against everyone but prices will change. If you kill a level 1 player you gain 1exp.
Better shields consumes more energy like before.
Your vs level also your level(exp and money value) based on how much hp, heat, energy, regneration, bullet, rocket, energycell you have. So you can use all weapons and stuff.
Random battles will be random and you cannot fight same enemy in last 2 battles.
Nearly all drones will need energy for fire bcause when drone heats your mech, its not realistic. So your energy need for drone and shield.
Opening shield will not take turn.

A weapon cannot make enemy overheated without heating you more or consuming too much energy.
You may use low level weapons bcause they consume much lesser energy and heat. Also you may use low level skills bcause they are not costs too much.
3d team battles will save this game.

New Weapon System
1energy=1dmg point
1heat=2dmg point
1bullet=3dmg point
1rocket=4dmg point
1energycell=5dmg point
1damage=1dmg point 2damage=3dmg point 3damage=6dmg point
So new weapon system will be something like that. So if you do too much dmg that costs tooooo much.
And you can drain energy easily but heating enemy will be hard.

New Level System
1regnerate(heat, energy)=6exp(not 4)
So new level calculating will be something like that.

You must multiple it with correct value. Its need tests..

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 Post subject: Re: IamNOWworkingAnewGAMEcalledSUPERMECHS2
PostPosted: Sat Mar 23, 2013 1:21 pm 
SM Maintenance Team
SM Maintenance Team

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If you want to do a new game go ahead, but this has noting to do with the current Supermechs then.


 Post subject: Re: IamNOWworkingAnewGAMEcalledSUPERMECHS2
PostPosted: Sat Mar 23, 2013 1:25 pm 
Lieutenant Major
Lieutenant Major
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Nice idea tho...

At the moment and as long Supermechs is still in beta mode, we are not planing to do a new game or something similiar to this. But its very nice to see how much you thought about the main idea. I appreciate it and hope to see more of your ideas.


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