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 Post subject: Reduce matchmaking level differences
PostPosted: Thu Dec 19, 2013 1:08 pm 
Lieutenant Major
Lieutenant Major
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It seems the level caps between the mech levels you can fight at are the same as the original supermechs. This is slightly unfair now I think.

I had a mech at level 17. I found myself fighting level 20's, where I didn't stand too much of a chance against the stronger mechs at that level. Since my mech only had one item that made me level 17, I swapped it out for a weaker weapon to put myself at level 16. First game in I found myself against a level 20.

A 4 level difference is too big of a level difference. The weapons available 4 levels higher than you are a lot stronger. I can deal with most higher level torso's (aside from players like MrOneTwo) when I have to fight level 18-19 mechs. However once players start equipping stronger weapons to already stronger torsos it becomes near impossible for your mech to win, no matter what tactics you try use to beat the enemy mech.

So I'm asking for the matchmaking level cap to be reduced to 3 levels higher than yours (and 3 levels lower)

eg/ At level 16 fight between levels 13-19.



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