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 Post subject: Re: Game Stops, Count as a Loss...
PostPosted: Wed Aug 21, 2013 11:52 pm 
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Korupt wrote:
SideOneDummy wrote:
CrazyChipmunk wrote:
Hellow all,
Im come Back....!
Please Translate INDONESIA to ENGLISH
Maaf Bahasa Inggris Saya Kurang Bagus, Tapi saya Mengerti Yang Kalian Bicarakan.
Negara saya INDONESIA
Masalah kalian DC, Diakibatkan oleh Jarak PING dari PAPUA ke server Player Enemies yang sangat Jauh.
Oleh karena itu Kemungkinan terjadi dc sangant Besar.
masalah itu juga pun terjadi didalam negara sendiri, contohnya jarak Provinsi Jawa sampai ke Jayapura pun pingnya paling rendah = 578 tapi anehnya di Papua lancar sekali.
Oleh karena itu kalo dalam sebuah permainan Online menemukan Player Yang memiliki Ping Terlalu Besar/ tidak wajar biasa dicurigai menggunakan Program ilegal.
Tetapi waktu Petugas dari pusat (PULAU JAWA) survey ke PAPUA, ternyata kecurigaan penggunaan progam ilegal tidak Sepenuhnya benar.

kalo di dalam game, latency player PAPUA Beda 2 sec ke Player Luar Papua (sekitar INDONESIA), latency paling besar dari yang lain = 578, sedangkan diluar INDONESIA mungkin bisa mencapai =1000/ 3000, Warna ping RED diakibarkan conection lambat.
Koneksi di papua menggunakan ASTINET = Rp.8 juta/Tahun (koneksi paling lancar Diwarnet" Game Center) = very good,
Spedy = personal RP 850.000 / bulan = good,
Bahkan koneksi yang saya gunakan lumayan lancar, terkadang leg. Telkom Flash Midnight = RP.55.000 / bulan (paket malam kuota 8GB) = not bad.

Sekedar Informasi dari Player PAPUA
Mohon Dapat Dimengerti, Thanks
By Crazy Chipmunk Lovers.

Found a decent translation; got the gist of what you were saying: abnormal latency. However, this does not explain why every time I played you, you would have weapons not show up on my GUI. Every time It played you, I never experience a time lag bug, just a weapon not being properly loaded bug. By the way, I am not the only one that had this issue. Many others posted similar accounts of this incident happening to them.

What causes that bug however could be affected by lag so it really could be unintentional. Obviously I can't say that it is but it is possible.
I was not accusing Crazy_Chipmunk (I mean it is very possible that it is unintentional). But I do not see how lag could cause weapons to not show up.

edit: But what I can say (a ways back when I encountered Crazy_chipmunk) is that Crazy_Chipmunk did respond rapidly and every attempt to attack me was always to use nonloaded weapon (unfortunately I did not record any of those battles, but if I encounter Chipmunk in a battle I will create a youtube account and download software just to post the replays). Once Chipmunk only had one weapon nonloaded that was like a range 1 and 2 gun, but Crazy_Chipmunk was given only one first turn (every previous encounter Chipmunk had both first turns available.

This is how the game went:

Chipmunk: Hooks me
Me: 100 sword, 5 knockback sword
Chipmunk: Hooks me, uses nonloaded weapon.

Again, this could be unintentional, seriously. But why would someone try to hook someone with two swords when that person clearly was a range fighter?

Bored? Tired of winning? Add me (7367266) and I can help retire your boredom.

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 Post subject: Re: Game Stops, Count as a Loss...
PostPosted: Wed Aug 21, 2013 11:57 pm 
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I could tell you but obviously it would not be in the games best interest for me to divulge how a game breaking glitch is done. :lol:



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