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 Post subject: Opponent went two times in a row!!!
PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 7:09 pm 

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There seems to be something wrong when both players are overheated.

I had some level 34 noob trapped in an overheat loop (he didn't upgrade heat or cooldown at all and I could just keep firing and he had to shut his engine of two times per turn resulting him being capable of nothing). But after three times the game just froze for more then two minutes (I didn't want to quit) at the end of his sixth time shutting of the engine and then I got a message that the opponent disconnected but I got 0 cash and 0 xp.

Then the game after that I was playing against a more skilled player and it was really close and exiting. But then something strange happened. He shot me with Red Rein and Red B resulting in both of us overheating. Then it took a really long time for his drone (Red Rain) to shoot. Then it would be my turn but instead of me automatically shutting my engine of because I was overheated nothing happened for five seconds and then it was the opponents turn again! Needless to say he shot me to bits in that turn and I lost a would-be exciting match because of this bug.

If you need more details to fix this, just ask instead of simply deleting my last bug report.


Just happened again the opponent went THRICE in a row. It was a level 28 while I'm 32 so I can kiss my rank goodbye thanks to this bug. It was again triggered while we were both overheated. I teleported behind him so that might have something to do with it. Please try to recreate it because this bug happened in all three games I played in a row and it's GAMEBREAKING.


I returned with high hopes but this time the opponent went twice in a row (I mean four actions in a row, if it's not clear). After him only overheating himself. He shot Zoppy twice and his Yellow Snow produced just enough heat to overheat himself. I was in perfect range to fire my two Blast R's to overheat him way more but my turn was skipped and he just cooled down and the game was over >_>

I can't play like this because it now happened in the last four PvP matches and never in my favour. Battling CPU's is a bad alternative as they can use as many kits per turn without using a green ball (action point).

I hope something can be done soon.


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