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 Post subject: If you have missed some of this era.
PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2013 10:59 pm 

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The current era on Galaxy 5 has seen multiple wars, many of them small wars as AK47 preyed upon lower ranking alliances and seemed to have no opposition.

But opposition came and AK47 called upon their allies as many in the galaxy had come together to fight them, though the war did not last as long as most it had a great deal of action in it.

Firstly, FLuF made a daring attack to take one of the AK47 relics and were able to take the relic from AK47 while taking AK47 down in power enough to remind the world they had their flaws. Then ROA and RPDS joined forces to confront AK47 after our many allies had fallen victim to them and they seemed to become a threat to us.

But AK47 had teamed up with the ver loyal TB who we had tried to previously recruit (i commend you on your loyalty TB) . This caused RPDS and AK47 to divide their forces with ROA heading for AK47 and RPDS fighting TB.

Meanwhile TRAC, FLuF. JEDI and other westernly alliances headed to fight XMEN, another loyal AK47 ally. This division of the southern alliances was key in fighting the war against AK47 and its allies and each alliance had to be chosen specfically for their target to ensure victory would ensue.

While the war against XMEN began to heat up TB quickly headed south to confront RPDS and got fairly close to the RPDS hive. However, due to RPDS activity and unfortunate squad timings for TB, their leader and several other members fell quickly with ROA ensuring their central forces were defeated.

While RPDS and ROA fought TB, FLuF suffered had recently suffered an attack from AK47 and were relocating and rebuilding in order to rejoin the fight against AK47. It was this attack on FLuF that enabled ROA and RPDS to quickly stop TB from being an immediate threat.

As AK47 returned from their attacks on FLuF ROA moved north to confront them and so the true game began as the most active side would surely tip the balance of the war.

This would have remained the same and extended for a longer period of time had ROA not been able to catch some AK47 fleets out. This seemed to convince AK47 to move further into their hive for protection and so RPDS and ROA began advancing towards their hive.

As RPDS and ROA approached AK47, XMEN were defeated by our allies and this allowed us to fully commit to the attack on AK47 without fear of being trapped at the hive by AK47 and all of their allies.

However, shortly after we arrived at a suitable seige point AK47 turned their attention to RPDS who were obviously the lesser threat hoping to allow themselves the ability to gain exp and to be able to fight ROA in a 1 v 1 final battle which has long been a tactic chosen by large alliances nearing the end of a war.

This tactic however, proved to backfire on AK47 as RPDS managed a great victory against them and brought their defensive armies crashing down.

By doing this RPDS created a clear pathway for ROA to move in and finish the war with a definitive victory in the war against AK47. But this war had taken its toll on all of the anti AK47 alliances and they all had to rebuild.

During this time of rebuilding RPDS finished off the war against TB with help from ROA and began rebuilding while ROA finished off conquering the AK47 members and taking their relics, one of which was donated to RPDS to help them rebuild. While the after war rebuilding took place there was peace for roughly 300 ticks.

But then THOR, FLuF and JEDI declared war on the alliance TRAC who at the time appeared to be sure to gain 2nd place. During the war so far TRAC has recieved criticism for exchanging members who had fallen in war for fresh players with larger armies. Now although many see a problem with this it is a legitimate strategy and can be very effective especially if the removed players are kept within the subs in order to rebuild as this extends the subs and keeps the main alliance able to fight the war.

As of yet there is no winner in the war against the TRAC alliance so perhaps someone taking part in it would inform us of the outcome if i do not.

I hope you found reading this interesting and if i have made any mistakes please inform me of them and i shall correct them.

Also any Battle reports from these wars would be welcome here as well to help others to understand how this era of galaxy 5 played out.

One of two RPDS leaders


 Post subject: Re: If you have missed some of this era.
PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, 2013 7:02 pm 
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RPDS vs AK47

i Made it Happen :)



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