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 Post subject: Statistics, mfreak vs Lolowut, got a room
PostPosted: Fri Jun 14, 2013 1:47 am 
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He didn't refute the plain fact that XXX fought SHRK which had Kane in it. Playing seriously shouldn't be a matter of opinion when it was the only server he was playing, with an increased budget, with half of his 'dream team', and 70 pages of posts.

Then your standards are too low. I said it before, conquering someone in a non serious era is not "beating" them.

I haven't taken credit for anything I haven't done

a) You havent beaten Kane.
b) You did not play a role in strategy in the UN vs BYZ era, for which you took credit
c) Even in the era you say you beat Kane, you yourself said you went inactive, but then go on to claim that you were responsible for strategy.

So there.

I'd like to see a list of people who agree with that BS. XD I think it goes: Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen.

I dont know who agrees or disagrees with me. And I dont care.

People agreeing or not agreeing with something does not alter facts. Fact is Cbop was not a threat, we always knew we could beat Cbop. We didnt trust you, and we assumed that you'd break the NAP that we had at your most opportune moment, whatever you thought that was. So we had to eliminate you from the equation, and do it early, which we did. And then we kept you occupied the rest of hte era. As simple as that. So yeah, good luck chest thumping alone.

Unfortunately, people only get all personal when they're losing an argument. If you didn't care about it, I see no reason for you to get so upset, and to get personal in your arguments. So I guess, try again? This is pretty pathetic.

The personal nature of my argument is actually my annoyance at your posts which were full of lies, your skype rants which were full of blatant, indecent and shameless lies about stuff that you didnt even do. Dont you have any sense of decency? Indecency begets indecency, so my argument is just a retort. *shrugs* Staying silent beyond a point is ridiculous because it lends you more credibility than you deserve. Confronting you is not pathetic, you not being man enough to admit to it is what is pathetic. And you are going to the Navy. God bless em. Sigh.

Deadman - SYN


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