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 Post subject: Re: Admins playing BD
PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2013 12:16 pm 

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Seth wrote:
Without saying names, the F4 alliance was good proof that the admins are not so good at their own game anymore.

Thanks for proving my point ;) You were in on the admin chats. You of all people know that we discussed that winning was not an option and that even doing well was potentially dangerous. I have a great understanding of this game. I am a strategy nut myself, so it fits right in with what I appreciate anyway. If you want to play me a game of StarCraft 2 to put me to the test, I am game.

Really Seth, want to go that way? I still have that alliance chat open and I would really love to copy some quotes from it. The point was not that we would not be able to WIN but that the admins simply were not GOOD at the game.

If you won yes, people would make excuses, but that's only because they can't face losing.

[color=#BF8000]It might be easy for another player to simply dismiss such a thing. Admins cannot.

Few know it, but I started an era on Kong last year as I caved for the first time in my stance, and was doing well. I started the era with the Tacticsoft account as it was easier for me, and the TS account had a balance of 8,000 blue tokens, which I had set in my mind was to be my budget for the era. You guys know as well as I do how fast you can go through that. I used maybe 2,000 of them, and was off & running. Within the first couple hundred ticks, I was in the top 5 rankings.

On Kong with 8000 tokens you have almost everyone beat purely by tokens. A year ago, there must have been 400 players left around that time. So barely anyone got income, and with 8000 tokens, even only blue ones, you can get a decent income going. That you were in the top 5 rankings there doesn't really prove anything.

Through technicality, someone figured out it was me, and all hell broke loose. Corruption was called into question right away because "I had access to an unlimited supply of blue tokens". Never mind that I had already resolved myself to using only what existed on the account to begin with. Whether or not I played by the rules was irrelevant at that point. Players were only concerned that I was playing and that I 'could' have access. Simply the fact that I was getting a good start was enough to convince everyone that I was crooked. I immediately quit knowing I should have simply stuck to my guns.

The reason someone figured it out is that Kong has an easy tracking system, lol. You can find out who anyone is there. That wouldn't happen when playing .com.

Ilona wrote:
Its almost impossible to play as admin.

You can try it hidden, but if so you can't lead for example. As soon as you do and someone asked for you Skype to negotiate, you are doomed. But the biggest problem is your own alliance. Coordinating without skype is a hard task to do. With Skype and trusting your team 100% it can still happen that they mention your name by mistake.

Of course leading is not really an option. But if you really have a team that you trust completely it should be possible to play without the rest of the world knowing it's you. And in another scenario you could even have a seperate Skype account for playing, I know of many people who have several skype accounts. I'm not saying it would be easy, that's true.

If i conquer newbies - shouldn't admins help newbies?
If I take loads of ops - can it be that she placed them?
If I escape right before an lockdown - she must have seen the agent!
If I backstab, handover relics, etc etc - She is biased !!!

I could add 100 more situations.
Milan said, that it could be solved with mechanics. I don't think so.
A good example is when a player has always the same name. This player is in the enemy team where I play and also on servers where I admin. I find out he is cheating and ban him. What do you think will happen? 8-)

Yep, not hard to guess.

We admins suck when we play. Thats right, because we HAVE to suck!
I agree that we should play and thats also the reason why I still play. I need to stay in contact to the game and to the community to see the balance and the problems.

Well, you might see me around, maybe some of you had conquered me before. I hope you don't know and will never know :)

Edit: Seems Seth and me posted at the same time. Nice to see we end with the same words as well

What you said is true, but it is only true if people know you are playing. Seth said earlier that he was playing a round on Kong and was in doing quite well, the only reason he was found out was the tracking system on Kong where you can see who anyone is if you just check the achievements tab right next to the game. That doesn't happen on .com, so you could play without anyone else knowing.

I'm fully aware my stance is not a popular one and that it was not a popular one when I played either but I think it is very important for admins to stay in touch with their game and their players as much as possible. And that is not done by only being above them, but also by being among them and by playing the game they play.

Even on that F4 that we played, Michael got much more direct feedback than he could even have gotten from just reports. Some things were change during and after that era, because when you are playing yourself you notice what is wrong and what is right much easier. I think such advantages shouldn't be thrown away so lightly.

Won both Championship Eras as rank 1.. Waiting to make it 3 out of 3.


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