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 Post subject: Red's fabulous guide of fabulousness
PostPosted: Tue May 24, 2011 3:52 pm 
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It has been a long time since I done one of those, hasen't it?
2 years? 3 years? I have no bloody idea.

Last time it was WoW-related, featuring my sexy, sexy female blood elf paladin "Rederoin".
It taught people to not give up and just take huge risks.
That even if you have a 1% chance of success and a 99% chance of dying you should still do it.

It changed lives, all around the world.
Many lives, sexy lives.

Now you might have a few questions.

"What kind of level do you play at in Starcraft?"
high silver/gold/plat.
So.. average.

"How awesome is the GSL?"
1 word, afruitseller.
more words,
The foreign team nearly beating the Korean team 7 to 8.

"Who are you're favourite players/casters?"
Artosis, tasteless(tastosis the casting archon), day[9], Dimaga, afruitseller, TLO, Julyzerg, white-ra.

"I want you, you sexy beast`.
You know where to find me.

So.. because it has to be in the theme of my previous guide. I must add images.
Even tho they serve less purpose in this one..

The DT build.

Pylon at 10/10
Gateway at 10/10.

Both gasses at 12 and 13.
Why? because I said so.

Cybernetics core when your gateway is @100%.
Put your probes on gas when your gas-buildings reach 100%.
Them templars love themselves some gas.
Sexy, sexy gas...
Oh yes.. hmmm...

Another pylon at 16.
So you can acteally build more dark (sexy) templars.

Research warpgate when your core is at 100%.
Also build a Twilight council.

Build the dark shrine when the twilight council is at 100%.

Don't forget to make a proxy pylon.

DT's at the 6min mark?
DT's at the 6min mark.

(I had a bit of a delay in my build.).

Make 3 DT's. send 1 to each of the enemy's base.
Do the same with the 2nd wave of DT"s.

Look at that DT, cutting those workers up..
hm... yes... oh yes.. hmmm....

30 kills on a dark templar?
30 kills on a dark templar.

Don't forget to transition into stalkers.

At this point, if the enemy is still alive.
Harrass use warp prisms(to warp in/transport DT's).
Also get the warp prism speed upgrade.
The stalker(and DT) armour/shield/attack upgrades.
Maxed DT's do 60 damage instead of 45.
Yes, its that sexy.
Also get blink for your stalkers.

If it worked, you're enemy will be mad.
You may respond in such fashion as "U mad".
After all, this is the internet.

But instead of doing that, I decided to prove him wrong.
The internet, thats why.

and voila, the game will be won.

best rank/Best rank of alliance which I led 1#
Most amount of crystals/relics held 355/3
Total amount of crystals/relics obtained 2500~/11


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