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 Post subject: KwAs+GT+TNE Vs DA+DAs+GA
PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2011 4:20 am 
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This war has already been raging for 300 ticks, KwAs is the #1 alliance, DA and GA decided they wanted to change that, they struck some heavy blows against us(KwAs) early on killed 144 of our fleets, they thought they had killed us so the began to move close to our hive...BAD mistake, we had 9 members on and we waited for them to go to sleep :) Then killed 3100 of their units, losing the equivalent of around 900.

It isnt definite yet but as it stand TNE was killed by GA DA is looking to be killed by KwAs in the next 100 ticks and GT and GA have killed each other very badly with GT just barely winning with them, they still crippled each other so much that they both have to back off and rebuild for a while.

Anyway any thoughts comments?

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 Post subject: Re: KwAs+GT+TNE Vs DA+DAs+GA
PostPosted: Sun Oct 23, 2011 9:08 pm 
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We weren't technically "killed", our alliance fluctuated because Cerverus quit due to half of OLX(TNE) being inactive. Our top players Pogi, viruxed, and Uchi left. I had to help Knight lead the alliance (no one else knew that in the alliance). For the past 750 ticks the "leader" was me. Until we got back together, rebuilt, and replaced lost players was when I slowly let knight lead on his own.

So even though we went through so much we still hung together in the long run, we prevented FOX and GA from gaining a foothold into your area while KwAs was fighting DA. Was able to also divert and cut off some of UFO's fleets so KwAs can snatch and grab their relic.

I hope we will work together in the future as we did in the present, maybe even more.

~TNE :)


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