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 Post subject: LEROY JENKINS!!! after tick 500
PostPosted: Sat Dec 04, 2010 11:00 pm 
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this is a mid round game guide made by me... urs truly

by mid game play i usually have aobut 250 units.. usually a mix of inf ranged veh armor and hevies/tanks dmg

u should already either be conquered or have 5 or more conuqers. u should be in a top 10 alliance if ur better that rank 100(if round has more thank 300 players) and have about 200 metal coming the door per tick

what i usually do know is GET VITAL OUTPOSTS

usually by now u can see who has the best chance of winning a round. usually the alliances with MORE than 10000 score.

getting op's

try to get outposts near your colony(inside of an imaganary 6 tick radar) this insures that no gates or radars are set up by other alliances. this help ur colony be safe and be secure from most attacks. I call this housekeeping.
i do this every 25 ticks or so (6 tick eras every 30/3 tick eras every 25/2 tick eras every 15) then i just let my little squads be on them... IE: small platoon squads or even a platoon or two on the vital battlefront sides.

then what u need to do is look for targets... either noobs that arnt conquered yet or people who have crystlas that have under 30 units gaurding thier base. after u find a target... send them 3 messeges 1 atm... 1 in about 4 hours and 1 in about 10 hours... this can tell u how active they are. if u go to outbox and look to the left of the messeges... u can see the envelopes if they envelope is closed it means they havet read it if its not they either have replied or they have opened it.

after u figure out how active they are plan accordingly. Units, Attack Time, possible re-enforcements, and estimated ETA if they are outside of the 6 tick ETA margin then u will have to double the amount of units that they have... just so u dont lose units for a loss... if u win it was for a good cause and u lost less units. then LAUNCH

after u have done this an acquired about 20 or more conquers of either noobs or of pros.... u need to get to a new ground. i suggest either relocating near ur alliance's hive or in a deserted place of the map. if the spot has people with in an estimated 3 tick attack range... DONT PLACE THERE... after u place u want to try to upgrade it into a training base... get some defenses on it and then wait... after u get the energy/mana and lumber/oil needed to relocate then do so... downgrade the training base and relocate there.... trust me its worth it...

after doing to u have a whole new array of possible conquers but of also possible enemies....

thats it for this guide... PM me for a specific guide for ur situation or PM me if i need more explination.

Thanks ,

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