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 Post subject: MM's Newbie Tips [The Basics]3
PostPosted: Thu May 29, 2014 1:11 am 
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Hey,it's Military Madness to deliver last Basics(after which i will begin making tip only threads) Enjoy!


Tutorial should have showed you how to conquer colony but here it is anyways.
To conquer a colony you must attack it by click on your ships then sending them to colonies that are not alliance members. You can only conquer colonies when you are not conquered yourself or conquered colonies. Any crystals they hold go to you(and anyone else who attacked with you unless they are not your alliance members,in that case both of you fight for conquer and crystals if you beat the colony) To get conquer you must win battle vs neutral and hostile colony. Once conquered they also lose any conquers they had at the moment. If you are conquered and win battle at your conqueror's colony then you are freed and you conquer him.....

This is confusing I know here is simpler terms..

Player A is conquered by player B. He wins battle at player B colony. Player A is now free and has conquered player B. Player A is a free unconquered colony and so is Player B. Player A attacks and wins battle at Player B's colony so Player A now has conquered player B and also has freed Player C who was conquered by player B. Player B has 20 crystals and is conquered by both Player A and Player D who are in same alliance. Both sent 100 infantry so both each got 10 crystals each. If Player A had sent more than Player D then Player A would have gotten more of the crystals and vice-versa with Player D. Lastly Player B again has 20 crystals and is attacked and beaten by Player A and Player C who are not in same alliance. After battle with Player B, Player A and C will then battle each other to see who gets conquer and crystals. When you have conquered a colony you receive extra resources every tick called taxation. Conquers also bring you more workers every 24 ticks(growth). If you are conquered then do not quit era, or think it's over. If the era just started then a tip is to find an alliance kinda far away from your conqueror or friendly alliance to your conqueror(if he/she has one) then after saving some resources relocate next to new alliance. Remember you cannot conquered already conquered colonies,do not give when you are conquered, and all rules above


10 relics are released in every era. Depending on Admin of the era is when the relics come. Sometimes they are empty, and sometimes they are defended by Admin and hold crystals. A relic is a Super outpost that has built in radar,can move around map, hold squads, and gives you 1000 score and more resources a tick for whole alliance. To capture a relic is the same a capturing an outpost. Now capturing one may not be hard alone(if it's empty) but keeping it alone will be near impossible. To keep a relic you will probably need to be a top alliance who has the army to defend it. The whole reason players join eras is to win and to win an era you either need to be the #1 alliance when era has reached maximum amount of ticks or an alliance capturing and holding all 10 relics for 100 ticks. Many alliances want and think they deserve relics when they are a top 5 alliance. Remember in order to keep relics you will need to be in a top alliance that is ready to fight and has army to defend the relic(s).


When playing you obviously see that big green button that says BOOST. When clicking on it you see items you can get by using red and blue tokens. Red tokens are mainly received from purchasing them at Blue tokens are received from winning eras, events,UFOs,wreckages(admin outposts that are placed around map every hour. They hold either workers,energy/mana, metal/gold, lumber/oil, or tokens) Blue tokens can buy some of the boosts while reds can buy any boost on list. From the Boost shop you can get your daily bonus, buy resources, a boost in resource production, change of you name in that era, more storage for you metal/gold and lumber/oil, a golden frame around your avatar, a gold colony, or just donate some tokens to the game. Each time you boost you must wait 12-48 ticks ,depending on boost you bought, to use the same boost again. When you are at full capacity of a resource you may not use a boost to go over the limit. Sometimes Admins put limited discounts on the boost shop which is the best time to get boosts. When players around the map get boosts, the boost bar(located next to your rank) goes up, and once it fills up everyone in the era receives a big resource boost. Remember when buying a boost you must wait a number of ticks before it is able to buy again which is why you will see emergency boosts which do cost more than regular boosts but help you get another boost while waiting on reg boost to cooldown.


You learn about some of this in tutorial but here are some more about it. In the community button you can look at all castles/colonies in era, alliances in the era, your own alliance, where all resource outposts(mines and wells) garrisons, and relics are, and the Hall Of Fame. When looking at the castles/colonies in era you can see who is in top, what alliance they are in, and there power and score. U can use buttons on left side to jump to a certain rank on list, find a castle/colony by typing in their name, go up and down list, or find yourself. When you raise your power and/or score by doing something like building units or getting workers, you can refresh then find yourself and see your power and score increase. Your alliance members will show up green on caste/colony list, alliances you have marked friendly will show up light blue, while alliances you have marked hostile will show up red. Everyone else who is neutral will have no color. You can mark a specific player orange to see there belongings easier on world map by clicking on there name then clicking orange flag icon. You can also click on a players name to go see where they are located, add to your contacts list, or message them. When in alliance list you can do similar things. You can mark them purple to differentiate them from others, use buttons on side same way but instead of searching an alliance up by name, u do it by there tag(4 number/letter abbreviation that is seen on an alliances castles/colonies) You can click on an alliance to message there leader, inspect the alliance which brings up screen that shows all players in that alliance(red=leader/light purple= Minister of intelligence/yellow=Minister of War/Green=Minister of Foreign Affairs) U can also then message the alliances's leader. On the alliance list u can mark alliances friendly or hostile to let your alliance members know who and who not to attack. On this page you may also see what alliance have a slot to fill or are open to all players. When looking at "My alliance" tab if you are not in alliance yet you may start one from there. You type in the alliance name and the alliance tag. There is a word limit so....and you can only put letters,numbers, and a ,(xD) in your tag. Once you have done that you now have an alliance and you of course are leader. You can now click on players to invite them to your alliance or leave your alliance open to all.(If you want to close your alliance to invites only once you make alliance make sure to click close which is a button on left side) There are several buttons on left side you can use. When your a leader you can retag or rename the alliance, or declare emergency(emails all players in real life to get on BattleDawn) When you are leader or just member you have the mass message(Send same message to all alliance members) alliance chat(chat only open to alliance members) and leave alliance which is self-explanatory.When you leave an alliance you must wait 24 ticks before u can join another one. As leader you can leave a leader's message for alliance which is usually used to tell rules of alliance or current missions.You also can assign ministers(roles assigned to players to take more responsibility and help lead sometimes) You can also see all that your alliance has by looking on right of my alliance page in alliance details box. It shows all alliance's crystals,outposts,resource outposts,missiles/dragons,units,and all resources combined. U can also see each individual members belongings by scrolling left and right. Lastly u can vote a new leader from this page. Votes are anonymous but if Player A has 9 votes and Player B has 1 i think we know who voted for player B xD. When looking at the relics tab you can see where all the resource ops,garrisons(if placed by Admin),and relics are located. Use this to know where relics are when they are 1st released. It shows who if anyone owns it, the alliance of the owner, and if the relic,resource op, or garrison has crystals and the amount. Last for alliances/community is the Hall of Fame. This shows all eras that have finished of all worlds since Hall of Fame has started. When looking at era you will see top 100 players,top 12 alliances, and the ranks,power,crystals, and score of the players and alliances. If a players name glows green on a era list that means that player is in the era you are in currently. You can click on there name and find there location. Players who end an era in top ten each get blue medals(Top 3 are Gold,Silver and Bronze) At the top you will also see a "Best all Times" button which will show you the best score finishes of all eras. Top ten players there receive red medals. U can use this to find where last eras winners are on the map to know what good alliances may be at the top later in round.

Rest of INFO

This is last of Basics series...Let's Finish up here! Each time your power goes above these numbers 15,30,45,60 etc, your rank changes.Your radar button shows you all incoming attacks from non-alliance players attacking you or alliance members ops or colonies that you can see in from radars or satellite scans show up with amount of ships and ETA. Next one called "Outgoing" shows ships you and alliance members have outgoing and ETA of reacging target. Last tab on Radar is Moving which is well..all moving ships of you and your alliance members and yes the ships ETAs(Ticks until ship reaches target) Events show you all things of importance of your colony,military,relations,intelligence, and resources. The button glows green when you have events that have not been moved to folders. You can also archive or save events by clicking on them then click the folder button. To clear read events click "mark as read" it will then go to respected folder.(events do not stay in folders other than archive forever) Message button also glows green when unread messages are present. You may look at you inbox, outbox, archived messages, contacts, and anyone u have put on ignored list. Find Location is the top mini button that shows the coordinates of any area on map. Players use it to show other players when certain things are. Once you have clicked on an area and receive coords you can copy them by clicking button next to top GO or save coords to coords list for later. Once you have copied coords you can paste them in chats or messages and players who see coords can click on them and they will immediately be taken to coords on the map. You may also search alliances and players by using lower searches and typing in Players name or alliance tag which will automatically bring up there coords. Next mini button is Satellite Scan which grants visibility anywhere on map for up to 245 ticks by using energy/mana. U cannot use a satellite scan if your colony is jammed. Last mini button is Build outpost which tells you what it does in title...let's u build op for 500 metal/gold 300 oil/lumber and 15 workers. It will tell you where you can and cannot place an op. On right side of screen are small buttons that can bring you back to your colony or spy,toggle visibility(u can turn stuff you see on and off) look at the areas where top 12 alliances have outposts and colonies, go to Admin, go to BattleDawn wiki or forum, and music player. Lastly..sniff*sniff* sorry there happy tears xD we have the Orders button. This is where you make units and organize them in to ships, see where you have agents and their infiltration points(u can go see where they are or disband them),where you have outposts and there control ticks, your conquers with the amount of ticks you have controlled them and amount of resources they give you as tax,and finally is alliance orders where you may create orders(little notes left at certain coordinates for alliance to know)or see current ones. Only ministers and leaders can delete and edit orders. Each order has a title and body and is automatically has tick it was made. Use these to let all alliance members know anything from friends not to attack to where to bring army.

Well that's it for the Basics..Congrats you must have become a little better..oh thanks your to kind no need for your applause.

If you are a new,veteran,etc and you have a question feel free to ask me on worlds I am on(Currently on Earth 5 SOLO, Earth 4, Earth 2, Mars 3(my favorite world),Fantasy 2 and Fantasy4)

Thanks for reading and I hope this info helps you become better player

-Military Madness

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 Post subject: Re: MM's Newbie Tips [The Basics]3
PostPosted: Thu May 29, 2014 3:05 am 
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Just saying.. Paragraph it a bit more to make it easier to read ;)

^ Thanks Andy!


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