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 Post subject: What new players should think about (With protection active)
PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2012 10:37 pm 
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If you're new, you're probably reading this. Or, you're a troll. Whichever, you're here to see what I have to say about what new players should think about.

The first thing they should do, is the tutorial. DUH. If you're new, please do the tutorial so that you will understand some of the things I tell you to look for.

The first thing a new player should do, is build a colony in a safe place that he/she thinks is safe. Then, spend the next 100 ticks building up your..
Metal Mine, oil well, and farm up to level 5.
Or if you are in a fantasy world..
Gold mine, lumber mill, and farm to level 5.

The increased production will give you an increase on troop creation, and worker income.

This is very very good, and will easily get you a solid army foundation.

If you lose 1000 metal worth of troops, in 3 or 4 ticks, you could have enough to rebuild them, and maybe even have some left over for later.

If you have a low income, it'll take (the WORST i've seen) 15 ticks to get 1000 metal/gold back. This is bad, cause most of the time, you'll always have to be on your toes against your opponent.

While you are creating level 5 income buildings, you should also get the energy reactor or mana pool up to level 3. And also think about what alliance you will apply for, if any at all. You CAN just watch your first era just to get the hang of things, or you can jump right into an alliance, and let them help you learn. However if they want experienced players, don't tell them that you are a noob ;)

If you find yourself getting more metal or gold and more lumber or oil then what you're using, it's time to start building some other structures. Like the...
Beam workshop/piercing workshop
Explosive workshop/ Crushing workshop
Damage upgrade
Range upgrade.

If you get all that built before tick 100, along with lvl 5 farm, metal, oil; or farm, gold, lumber; you'll be on your way to a very good player!

Then, you'll need to start getting your army ready for the wars of the world once your shield reaches zero, cause then you are fair game for other alliances.

Here's a rundown of what building does what...

Metal mine or Gold mine: Increases your facility and worker output for that

Lumber mill or Oil Well: Increases your facility and worker output for that

Farm: Increases worker growth rate.

Energy/mana reactor: Increases income for mana or energy

Converter: You use this to convert resources you don't need, into something you do.

Barracks: Creates Soldiers to throw parties at your opponents outposts, mines, and colonies.

Light Vehicle Factory: Creates light vehicles

Heavy Vehicles Factory: Creates heavy vehicles.

Missile factory: Allows for you to create missile silo's from outposts.

Beam upgrade: Allows units to be better at doing damage to light vehicles.

Explosive upgrade: Allows units to be better at doing damage to heavy vehicles.

Damage Upgrade: Allows units to do more damage, but forfeit some armor, and gain some range.

Range upgrade: Allows units to have superior range, but has medium armor, and medium damage.

Teleport gate: Allows troops to travel from gate to gate, colony to gate, gate to colony, any combination; that has a gate build; instantly. Using power of course.

UAV center: Allows you to perform basic scan operations.

Spy Center: Allows you to train spies to commence basic spy infiltration ops.

Spy Satellite: Allows you to perform advanced scan operations.

Spy Academy: Allows you to commence advanced infiltration ops.

Shield Generator: Let's you convert energy into a shield, that you can charge for up to 12 ticks. You use energy to charge the shield by 3 ticks each, and can do it up to 12. The shield automatically kicks in when the tick an attack is supposed to land on your colony would hit. Instead, the shield kicks in, and the attack is delayed. They can build up the amount attacking, as you can build up the amount defending. Can also be turned off if it isn't active, so that you don't waste the shield battery.

Radar Tower: Increases colonies radar range.

Satellite communications Array: Increases radar colony range, provides satellite scan capability.

Advanced communications center: Increases radar colony range, allows you to upgrade outposts into radar outposts.

Advanced radar tower: Increases colony radar range.

Ion Cannon Facility: Allows you to shoot down enemy missiles, delay and damage attacking squads, and use the ion cannon to damage enemies overall using energy to do so.

The order in which these were explained is, Top to bottom, left to right.
So row 1 building 1-row 1 building 5.
then row 2 building 1-row 2 building 5
and so on.

With all of these buildings in mind, keep a thought on what you would like to have to help your chances of a top of the line player.

I hope this all helped, please comment on if this was useful, or helpful, or if you had questions or didn't understand a certain part. :) Thank you for reading!


 Post subject: Re: What new players should think about (With protection active)
PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 12:16 am 
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I'm not new nor I'm a troll...

anyway, I think u should include reading up the wiki, it has almost everything u need to know about the game.

Plus the player-made guide section in the forum does have lots of good advices (but make sure to read all the comments below).

And don't forget the Adopt-a-Newbie Center where newbies can apply to be mentored by one of the experienced (or at least intermediate lvl) players.



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