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 Post subject: Origins of "The HORDE" (Part 1)
PostPosted: Fri Nov 08, 2013 8:49 pm 
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Sit right back and I'll tell you a tale. A tale that started more than 5 yrs ago.

I found this game while rehabbing from open heart surgery. I was laid up for 5 months and had nothing better to do with my time than play games. I had no idea what the h3ll I was doing but I figured I'd give it a try. I was fortunate enough to find two of my future brothers from another mother within the first 3 days of logging on "Deadman" and "ZenAce". Since the first time I teamed with them I knew it would be a long friendship.

Deadman led at the time and he was doing his best to teach me the intracacies of the game. I had joined the round late but still got about 3 weeks of playing in before Havoc started. After the round was finished I joined up again with the lads. Truth be told there were so many different guys I can barely remember who they were. The one thing I noticed is that we never really were that good and it seemed like we always negotiated away our crystals for the "Main Groups". This didn't really sit well with me because I've never been a follower my entire life. I have always tried my damnedest to be the best I could be and if I fell flat on my face I simply dusted myself off and tried harder the next time. Deadman was a masterful negotiator and arranged for us to be conquered giving up our crystals and then immediately liberated and then protected under the wing of others. I couldn't figure out how this made sense. Afterall it was a free game about conquest, and yes diplomacy but at that time I couldn't be bothered with diplomacy. I was the guy that used a HAMMER to drive in a screw. The longer I played the better I got to know other players. I noticed that the successful groups showed very little mercy except to their subs who usually did the grunt work and reaped no benefits.
Others on my team contacted me saying the giving away of crystals left a sour taste in their mouth too. This set the stage for future affiliations

At this time I was doing my best to get some "real life" friends interested in the game but most couldn't be bothered.

I would scan the map and take notes on different players styles. One guy that struck a nerve was "Battle" he was leading another group at the time but we started communicating more and more. Eventually we ended up teaming up and he has been one of my most valuable "Fire Pizzers" ever since. I mean this crazy bastid didn't know the words slow down or quit! It was always full speed ahead. Thanks to my association with Battle I got to meet quite a few more colorful characters. BMAC, Willirob, Ma Chao, Oracle, Noobysnax, IceMan.

I learned a little bit about the game from each of these guys. I watched how they played and how some lead their groups.

I played on all different servers, some with success but most I lost interest in rather quickly. I guess I am just a Fantasy guy.

Well duirng my run I have used many different names. Maximus, Machiavelli, MDiver, Mr. Orange, Tinkerbelle, Atilla, Fozzy, but after too many rounds to remember I now best known as KnuckleDragger and that shall remain my handle for the duration unless we decide to use a them once again.

I have been part of many alliances and early on their subs so many I can't even remember most.

In the early days I led SiN and SNS only to step down before the end of each round due to real life issues.

I remember some pretty damned powerful groups that I faced MGH, H1N1, VVV, TE, TBK. Most of which had at least 4 groups of "Bootlickers " as subs doing their bidding.

Yes I will take credit for introducing a few unique descriptive words here on game. I did this for two reasons. 1) because they fit perfectly and 2) because If I used my regular drunken sailor language I would be banned for getting some of the kiddies panties in a bind. Never let it be said that I have contributed to the deliquency of any minors. LMFAO!

"Pissants" and "Bootlickers" are two of my favorite descriptive words and not only do I use them on the game but also in real life to describe some of those I consider less than desirable or productive members of society.

I thank Seth, Ilona and the rest of the Admins for putting up with some of my shenanigans, I know at times I come very close to stepping over the line of decency and decorum. I'll be the first to admit. I get a bit worked up from time to time.

Sorry for the lengthy rambling but I am guilty as charged when called VERY LONG WINDED. Those who team with me know my mass messages are like novels and I apologize.

Part 1 has been long enough. Part 2 soon to follow!!!!



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