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 Post subject: Re: Arizona's new immigration legislation
PostPosted: Tue May 25, 2010 5:20 pm 

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Guys I live in Texas and I am considered Caucasin (however they spell it) and if i go to San Antonio and I get stopped I have to prove I am a citizen of the USA ..... My kids are Hispanic and they believe it is not bad they have to prove they were born here. I think living in a state where illegal aliens of all races are causing the State chaos and costing a fortune to retain in jail for being here illegal opens ones eyes, Also look at the jobs that would open up for ones who don't have jobs... It really has it downfalls in border states. I know everyone thinks its racial, but it isn't at all. Here I carry my Birth Certificate with me at all times and my kids. But I am not offended if they ask for proof of my U.S. Citizenship, and why should I be if I am legal? I think everyone needs to think about this long and hard because it affects everyone in the USA. I am not against immigrants, I am married to a man from Mexico, he is a naturalized citizen and is not upset if asked to show his citzenship.

Obama ordered 1200 national guard to border states today5/25/10), because of the horrible violence they are having because of illegals trying to come in from the Mexico Border. Does anyone understand that in the last 3 years in Mexico over 23,000 have been killed and growing daily. This is what is spilling over into Arizona Border. I would be upset if someone killed my father with a M-16 just because our home was on the Border of Mexico. That happened a(3) few weeks ago to a rancher, who had fresh water for them when passing thru on their journey here . That is not racist that was just cruel and wasting a human life for no reason. Don't look at a race in this matter look at the cause and the effect. I feel the law was wrote sloppy but so was alot of other ones ................

I am not a racist and I am open minded, please do not feel I am racist or a hater, I am just realistic to current events and want the best for our Country! There is a right way to become a resident here and a wrong way....

Thanks Simmen!


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