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 Post subject: Newbies or us !!! now you can select both lol
PostPosted: Tue Nov 05, 2013 3:21 am 
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Ok, so we have seen some big notes by people specially by "Milan"

lets discuss this as we can make it fair for both...

first of all, I recomend to do this asap

> rename "Conquiring" as Milanos also recomended... it can be like " lost 1 Big battle from abc" or like this...

> I think there are two messages that a newbie recieves, by admin... "Welcome message" , and after "getting conquired",... these 2 messages are important, so need some "Change in text" as changing *Conquired* from message and a link to AANC in both messages.....

now, we see main points that can be discussed...

1st situation:::

make Global chat working fast, as now, when newbies msg there for help, they can not get

reply asap... and log off... I seen too many msgs asking for help, but when ever I do reply,

no further comments can be seen by that man...
so make it fast and reduce protection ticks as they were before. because they will get help by exp players and as "Milanos" said, they should not sit doing nothing...

2nd Situation:::

If Global Chat can not be changed to working fast,

and Newbies likes Increased Protection more than Exp players are hating it.. , then,
to be fair with Exp players, you should increase newbies protection like

1 Ticker 100 Ticks (same, its like for 4 days)

2 Ticker 150 Ticks ( its like for 3 days)

3 Ticker 200 Ticks (like for 3 days)

4 Ticker 250 Ticks ( like 3.5 days)

6 Ticker 300 Ticks (like for 2 days)

and its last stand that we can get...

by the way, Ilona said, She was Incharge in recieving e-mails and she recieved e-mails from newbies and she did that ( or whatever) just saying, i do messages/e-mails regarding, " no protection at all, when we plant a colony" or "give me 1000 blues for writing this lol like 20 times," ( or from 20 accounts) will she do that?


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