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 Post subject: Re: Language, freedom, and the hypocrisy of "christian values"
PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2013 2:26 pm 
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I dont understand where religion, political parties, atheists etc come into the argument here.

Yes, Ive been banned for language before. What I wrote ingame was VERY vulgar indeed. But my ban wasnt for vulgarity as much as it was for OFFENDING somebody else (and his mother :P ).

I am an Atheist. I am not even an American. And this isnt an American game either - the guy that owns the game and wrote the game is Israeli.

And even though I am atheist, I do take offense to disrespectful language. Basically Atheism - disbelief in God has nothing to do with offensive language. Religion has nothing to do with it. Political parties have nothing to do with it - we dont really care whether someone is republican or democrats or whatever. Heck a LOT arent even from the US.

Generally you dont get banned if you ask someone to *CENSORED* off. You get banned for something very offensive or racist that you say. That does deserve a ban. And am saying that even though I was a recipient of that ban :D

Anyway, my point was more philosophical than practical. I know censorship isn't going anywhere in BD anytime soon. I was sincerely asking ... why do we censor? and pointing out how silly and unjustified it is. Some people here saying "think of the children" and "movies can't say it", etc. My question, meant to get people thinking about it, was more along the lines of "why". Why aren't we supposed to say certain words around children? Why are some words "bad"? The truth is, there is no reason whatsoever to consider any of Carlin's 7 words different than any other word, and there is no real reason why children can't hear them. "Because they are bad" is not a reason, it's circular logic.

No real reason children cant hear them, and there is no way children are not gonna hear them. However, you dont wanna say those words around children, because those are considered "coarse" language and you dont wanna set a bad example (especially if you are a parent). You do not use them in public, in formal situations, or with people you dont know because its rude and people might think that you arent very sophisticated - and that is not due to their religious belief. Even atheists will frown if you use such language.

My point was also, if "bad words" are bad for children because they are "stuff for adults" ... are they worse than murdering civilians using viruses released by spies? or nuking civilian populations? Then why isn't that part of the game banned, but "bad words" are.

You are taking it out of context. Its not MURDER. These so called "workers", "squads" etc are just flash objects moving about on a browser. Its fiction/fantasy. You KNOW that just because you can poison water supplies in a colony, you cannot poison your apartment water supply and kill REAL people.

It's your average republican hypocrisy, trying to ban children from playing fictional violent video games about war while supporting very real wars actually murdering children overseas.

That is politics. Nothing to do with anything here. Anyway since you brought it up - republicans and democrats...meh. Two sides of the same coin. What do you think Obama is doing with all those drones in west Pakistan?

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