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 Post subject: Re: Legalization of Marijuana?
PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2012 5:23 am 
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Heroin also creates a severe addiction that few drugs can match, the side effects are horrible and the high is much MUCH MUCH stronger than that of Marijuana. Comparing the two is like comparing warm water and lava. The two substances are VERY much different.

Alright, heroin was an extreme example. What about MDMA? LSD? Rohypnol?
MDMA then. All supporters of Marijuana are surely supporters of MDMA/LSD.

IMO, the differences in both danger and addiction between MDMA, LSD and cannabis are relatively the same. Do you support the legalisation of many other hallucinogens?

I like how you skipped my main argument.

I was streamlining it using elipsis to cover your argument. I didnt find anything noteworthy or convincing so I just left it out.

I hope you know it's THC not THD. Also it is hardly Psychedelic but that is all opinionated. The half life of marijuana is hard to detect but the amount of THC in your blood and urine decreases quite a lot after a three day use. After legalization measures will probably be taken to fix this, directly after the prohibition of the 20's did they have breathalyzers? No. Time will work this out.

Yeah, I do know its THC (has to have the word Cannabinoid), sleepy at the time.

So.. 3 days no driving after recreational marijuana use? Are you alright with that? People have jobs and stuff now and while they take marijuana illegally and get away with it. What you suggest will likely imprison them from DUI since one Monday morning they might have hayfever, rub their eyes, get pulled over. Officer suspects marijuana use, sure enough, the joint from Saturday pings off as marijuana in his system and he gets his license suspended for DUI. Alternatively, you dont regulate harshly and the roads are clogged with people high as a kite trying to satiate their munchies, reaction times slower than a doped up sloth. Car collision. Death. Dont worry bro, they are only deaths, time will work it out. Just relax, have a joint, we will go grab some KFC later via drivethrough. Hit a school kid along the way. Time will work it out...

Doesn't justify anything.

It is regulatable. It is easy to measure and detect accurately a person's inebriation. Same cannot be said for marijuana.

I don't know if you read the article I posted or just didn't bother but it said in recent studies high drivers sometimes drove better high than sober. Deaths on the road would actually probably decrease.

1. I did read it, source for a study comparing marijuana to alcohol inebriation not accessble/linked from article. I dont know about you, but when I read big claims, I actually read the actual published article in the scientific journal. Skim the abstract, intro, results and discussion for a proper grasp on the claim. Also that article is very vague about how marijuana reduced the road toll. Is he talking about medicinal dispensaries because they would have minimal impact on the road toll due to small number of users but at the same time, thats what I got as the message.
2. Did you read what I wrote? (tip: its above) People driving under the influence will increase its either that or there will be a horrifically long prohibitive time for drivers to get back on the road after a joint. Marijuana legalisation tomorrow will increase deaths, not decrease them as there is no punitive punishment for driving under the influence of cannabis.

So we now have an environment where
1. Weed is openly able to be taken.
2. Young adults inexperienced with driving cars more likely to take it and more likely to go into public due to lack of fear of backlash. Even more experienced adults who have driven decades on the roads do not fare well with marijuana in their system while driving
3. Likely going into public via a motorized vehicle
4. Not going to be punished by driving DUI
5. Likely driving DUI.

but at least cannabis can be medically significant.

Like I said, the active components of cannabis can be isolated and synthesized without the buzz nor glory of weed. For those that dont get it but use medicinal marijuana they use it medicinally.

Medicinal use- Disinfectant, one of the biggest disinfectants used in the world. Used medicinally and commercially as soap or antiseptic. Small to moderate consumption reduces risk of diabetes due to glutamate channels blocking. Small to moderate consumption also helps prevent gall stones and kidney stones (dont like) as well as help prevent arthritis.
Helps nausea - no, it doesnt. Does marijuana help prevent kidney stones?
Helps insomnia - no, it doesnt. Does marijuana help prevent arthritis?
Proven to increase risk of emphysema - check.

What I am trying to stress is that a change in the treatment and appliance of drugs liberally to solve problems when they cause problems in the US and the world would be bad.


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