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 Post subject: New Alliance
PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2012 11:35 pm 
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Hey all! I have just returned to playing this great game and wanted to start up a new alliance for the upcoming era. I have starting saving tokens and all that preparation stuff to make this era my best I have ever done. I honestly am not sure if I myself will lead this alliance. Although I do know this game's strategies and diplomatic parts fairly well (eh actually much above average) I have never attempted to lead an alliance in this game and really take control and make the decisions. Though I have many experiences as leader of war and diplomacy, my inexperience as the #1 guys makes me nervous to take such a risk in an era which I want to succeed.

I have 3 people in mind that (if they wish to) are all capable of that position so I will leave that to them. Which means I am in the hunt for around 8 ABOVE average players. I am not trying to attract players that are like on the skill level that surpasses mine and the leader that will lead this alliance's by a long shot. If you are one of those players but wish to help out then be my guest but just know that I am not the most powerful player in the world type guy. My best finish is around rank 25 which was without red token boosting (but I do hope that I will red token boost if my ambition is high enough about this alliance).

Leave a comment below if interested with a bit of information about yourselves such as highest rank past tick 500, highest finish, best quality, role, experiences, highest alliance finish, and whatever other information you think will be interesting to me and others in the clan.

1. V Profanity
2. Leader of Choice's Position
3. Minimum

Thanks for reading and hope I see you in my alliance in the near future!

IGN: V Profanity

Alliances: AL (E3)

Top Rank Past Tick 500: 21

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 Post subject: im afraid il be the worst of the bunch cuz im a bit rustty..
PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 10:02 pm 
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First Lieutenant
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but if you let me, Minimum would like to join :D


and should we choose a name or theme?

How about GO (game over)
and we all name our selves video game villains?

if we do that then i want reservations on
Porky Minch
(from earthbound, one of the best games ever. really is a must play, and is it is where i got my other name "PK starstorm" which was a move that poo, yes his name was poo, could use.)

(thx to Ind1go for pic.)

PM me if you wanna have some fun :D


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