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Battle Dawn Championship Rules
Earth 6 will host the championship competition

• Starting April, 1st 2013, 12 (noon) GMT; Ticks will be paused for 24 hours.

• 1 tick / hour.

• 12-man alliances.

• No time limit, era continues till one alliance holds all 10 relics for 100 ticks.

• Admin Seth and Admin Ilona will both admin the world simultaneously.

• The normal rules of our ToS still apply. (No account sharing, farming, etc).

• Winning alliance receives “BD alliance of the year” title.

• Prizes:
Trophy for every player in winning alliance + 10.000 Blue tokens.
5.000 Blue tokens for every player in 2nd alliance.
3.000 Blue tokens for every player in 3rd alliance.

• Colonies of permanent banned players will be deleted.

Join the most competitive world ever!!!

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