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Online Strategic Games: Fun and Mind Exercise Combined Together
Strategic games are online, board or video games that require situational decision making skills. A player’s particular move in a situation can alter the outcome of the whole game. These are not based on luck or quick moves. What is required is looking ahead of time, planning and then implementing a strategy to win the game. Free online strategy games are getting quite popular among people as these require a lot of thinking and mind boggling.

Digital strategic games can be played on computers and other gaming platforms such as Play station, Xbox and Nitendo DS. Strategy games can be of two types, real time strategy games and turn based strategy games. In real time strategy games players have to constantly make a move instead of waiting for their turns. Turn based strategy games give players ample time to think and plot complex strategies. Strategic games can last for several hours depending upon the pace of the game. The most popular strategic games are Go, Dawn of discovery, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, Axies and Allies, Master of Orion II and Warcraft.

Strategic games can be both two-player games and multiplayer games. In a two player strategy game the other player is usually the computer. A multiplayer strategic game is the one which can support several hundred players simultaneously. These games build up an intense gaming universe full of complex challenges. These are kind of simulations, where you need to build up on something to defeat your rival. Then there are time management games, which require strategies to achieve certain targets in a limited time period.

A high speed good internet connection is a basic requirement for playing online strategy games for free. Requirement of bandwidth depends on the quality of graphics and 3 D animations used in the game. Thus, free online strategy games not only provide fun filled entertainment but also, involve brain exercising and healthy interaction with players from different parts of the world.

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