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In this fast going era, everyone wants to get equipped and have strategic mind to his each and every operation in day to day life. Also, in this busy life schedule he wants to get relaxed and easy in his/her spare time.

There are various war battle games online played by players include fun games, action games, war games, strategy games, miragine war, game versions of ‘age of defense’, tank attack, feudalism, and many other games which not only provides a quality time with friends, colleagues, and family members but also it guides to tackle situations in extreme conditions of life.

There are also various free online battle games which are played by teens and other age group of people as ‘destroy the castle’, ninja dogs, notebook wars, tower of doom, battle field 2, and many other games.

Mighty pirates are one of the most played games online. This game is usually played by players online through their facebook account. It is game played on the sea. It is a strategy game which involves accumulating and managing resources and it is targeted basically to collect treasure maps through facing wars with other ships on the sea. In this game, the resources are arranged by exploring islands on the specific sea in which he is allowed to play.

There are also armor games such as Desert storm, desert storm 2. It is also played by game lovers. In this game, there are two teams out of which player have option to choose one of them either force of US or Baghdad. Each team in this game consists of four players. There is a mission is specified to a certain team which he has to complete with their specific objectives in a particular mission. This game is based on the war between US and Baghdad.

There is also a very interesting game which is so called as Black Hawk down. It is a strategic game. This game is based on the war between US and Somalia. This game can be played by one or more players. This game can be played online and on LAN too.

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