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BattleDawn ToolBar

The BattleDawn community toolbar is a browser based plug-in that provides quick, constantly updated to all what BattleDawn offers.
Quick access to the following Options:
* BattleDawn on facebook
* BattleDawn on twitter
* BattleDawn forums
* BattleDawn on wikipedia
* BattleDawn hall Of fame
* BattleDawn Galaxies game
* Battle Mechs game
* Defender Of The Galaxy game
* Daily 10 tokens bonus for BattleDawn Player
(Just login to your account everyday and click on the button to collect 10 daily bonus tokens)
* Check world's option - Will allow the player to check his status in the world for new events, new messages, rank and score.
* BattleDawn online news

BattleDawn Toolbar

Check if the BattleDawn Toolbar installed on your browser.

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