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Battle Dawn Hall of Fame

Top 10 players of all time






Earth 138 | 20/07/17Senatus God of BD Senatus God of BDSEN73,000
Mars 275 | 29/03/17Senatus of Kong BD Senatus of Kong BDSEN43,670
Mars 383 | 21/06/16EnerGY EnerGYRwB41,460
Mars 279 | 18/07/17Sasuke96 Sasuke96T40,350
Fantasy 141 | 22/04/16Senatus of Kong BD Senatus of Kong BDllll37,970
Fantasy 5 CUSTOM45 | 01/08/15I am a SoLDier I am a SoLDierSoLD37,840
Mars 132 | 04/08/14Lolli Scrub Lolli ScrubHaHa36,220
Fantasy 272 | 20/02/17Blake BlakeRwB34,930
Mars 146 | 24/01/16Dommy DommyHaHa34,310
Mars 119 | 16/11/12ScrobblotsZ ScrobblotsZ33,429

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